Maintenance Shutdowns: We Do That!

Maintenance Shutdowns | CL Johnson Welding

Maintenance shutdowns are about just that: Maintenance, Repairs, Replacements, Retro-Fits, and New Additions.

Industry has a variety of different types of maintenance schedules when it comes to the safe operation of equipment. Profit and productivity are closely linked to maintenance, so shutdowns need to be systematic and efficient.

Predetermined or predictive maintenance of your equipment is the most cost-effective method. It often does not require a shutdown of a shop or factory; however, there will be times when the issue at hand cannot be solved during the predetermined or predictive maintenance schedules of a given company. When those situations occur, preventative and corrective maintenance systems are the only option.

Corrective maintenance is a series of tasks performed to:

  • Identify the issue
  • Isolate the problem
  • Correct the fault in the failed equipment or machinery
  • Restore the equipment to full operation in a timely and efficient manner

When a defect is detected on your equipment or production line, our goal is to get your business back on track. We can repair, replace, retro-fit, and add new additions to your equipment to get you back online quickly, efficiently, and with safety at the forefront of all that we do.

Our recent work, shown here at a local Calgary aluminum can manufacturer, is an example of a corrective maintenance shutdown where CL Johnson Portable Welding, in conjunction with Way-Tech Boiler Services, installed the new addition required for the vac-pump station.

Maintenance Shutdowns | CL Johnson Welding
Maintenance Shutdowns | CL Johnson Welding

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Window Well Grates: Why They are Worth the Investment

TOP 10 reasons why our window grates are worth the investment | CL Johnson

The City of Calgary does not have a bylaw stating that window well covers are mandatory, BUT, they do stipulate requirements around how the covers should operate if used by homeowners. 

If you have a window below grade, bylaw codes state: 

“Where a protective enclosure is installed over the window well, the enclosure shall be openable from the inside  without the use of keys, tools or special knowledge of the opening mechanism.”  

The benefits of a well-constructed window well grate are many! 

Below are the TOP 10 reasons why our window grates are worth the investment:

  1. Increased surface area of your exterior space
    • When you have below-grade windows, you lose surface area of your yard. By installing custom window well grates you regain that usable space in a safe and aesthetically pleasing manner.
  2. Prevent falls and reduce hazards
    • Whether it is children playing in your yard, or a backyard BBQ, it’s comforting to know that everyone is safe from an unexpected fall.
  3. Increased airflow and ventilation (compared to a window well cover)
    • A well cover compared to a well grate is quite restricting in terms of fresh airflow, and you do not need to temporarily remove a grate in order for that fresh air to flow into your open window!
  4. Sturdy
    • It’s able to support up to 400 lbs.
  5. Durable and weather-resistant with custom powder coating
    • Powder coating reduces the opportunity for rust to set in AND allows you to coordinate with the exterior colors of your home.
  6. Custom designed and fitted
    • No two window wells are exactly the same, especially in-depth. Having your window well grate custom designed and fit (including a well ladder if required) ensures the best and safest fit.
  7. Reduce debris and garbage in the well
    • Garbage and debris build up in a window well reduces the proper drainage required to keep your below grade rooms dry. A custom well grate keeps that debris where you can easily clean it while allowing for good drainage when required.
  8. Allows for natural light (compared to a window well cover)
    • We spend a lot of money installing new windows that meet the below grade/egress bylaws; isn’t it a shame to then to reduce all that natural light?!
  9. Easy exit in an emergency
    • A custom-designed and custom-fitted window well grate (that can be hinged if preferred) is the best way to be seen in an emergency while allowing you an easy exit.
  10. Increased security of your home
    • We have all heard it before; thieves prefer opportunities that are easy, discreet, fast and quiet so as to not draw attention to what they are doing. By placing one more obstacle between them and your locked window, you are adding a deterrent to encourage thieves to go elsewhere.
Window Well Gate | CL Johnson Welding
Window Well Gate | CL Johnson Welding

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