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CL Johnson Calgary's Best Portable Welding and
On-site Metal Fabrication Specialist

Established in 2000, the CL Johnson portable welding team has you covered with more than 20 years of experience with on-site metal fabrication, and a certified team of portable welders with a combined pool of several decades of experience. CL Johnson is equipped and ready to handle any metal job anytime and anywhere you need it done.


Metal Maintenance and Metal Repair

Whether you need metal reinforcement, a simple blade replacement, conveyancing equipment repair, or on-site custom metal fabrication, CL Johnson has a proven track record of getting it done.

Custom Metal Fabrication

At CL Johnson, our team of journeyman qualified welders has a long history of making the impossible possible. All we need is our equipment, your drawings, and some metal. We can fabricate everything from unique pieces to mass order quantities.


Banner Bracket Systems

Bucket Hard Surfacing

Sander Retrofit

Asphalt Carrier

Got a project and need a welder? Call us.